Ring in the New Copyright Battle

"Xingtone‘s new software, which lets anyone create unique cellular phone rings for free, has some record labels worried it will kill the cash cow that is the ringtone. The software evokes the same ‘oh wow, oh no’ reaction from the labels that greeted the original Napster. The fear is that people will make ringtones out of pirated songs, thus compounding the file-sharing problem while robbing the music industry of a new source of revenue.

The quest for a distinctive cell phone ring has created a $3 billion global market for everything from computer-generated renditions of such classics as The Temptations ‘Just My Imagination,’ to near-CD-quality snippets of popular songs like OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya!.’"

Dawn C. Chmielewski. Do-It-Yourself Ringtone Software Encroaching on Potential Profits, Some Record Labels Say. The Mercury News. May 17, 2004.

Xingtone. Getting Started with Xingtone.

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05/27/2004 at 06:16

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