Elsevier to Allow Pre-Production Posts

"According to a post on the SPARC Open Access Forum, Elsevier has declared they will allow authors who publish in any of their 1,700+ journals to put their peer-reviewed post-prints on their personal webpages and their own institutional repositories, where they can be made available, for free, to anyone with internet access.

"This does sound like a big shift on Elsevier’s part, and now that Elsevier has made this concession, it is crucial that authors take the next steps to ensure that their research is made available to wider audiences.

"But I still see plenty of challenges here for librarians, who will have to continue advocating for open access, promoting institutional repositories, and developing ways for all that material to be made accessible through simple search systems.

"Does all this mean that Elsevier has seen the light? I wouldn’t bet on it."

Commons-Blog. Elsevier to Allow Open Access Archiving. May 27, 2004.


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Attribution: first discovered news of the Guardian article and the Elsevier report through a posting in beSpacific, edited by Sabrina Pacifici.

Written by Copycense Editorial

06/03/2004 at 08:20

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