NIH Revises Open Access Plan

"An ambitious proposal to make the results of federally funded medical research available to the public quickly and for free has been scaled back by the National Institutes of Health under pressure from scientific publishers, who argued that the plan would eat into their profits and harm the scientific enterprise they support.

"The initial plan, encouraged by Congress and hailed by patient advocacy groups, called for the results of NIH-funded research to be posted on a publicly accessible Web site within six months after they are published in a scientific journal. Most research results now are available only by subscription to the journal — at a cost that often reaches into the thousands of dollars — or on a pay-per-article basis that can cost $100 or more for two or three articles.

"In the final version of the plan, however, the recommended six-month deadline for posting results has been stretched to a year. That change has angered many advocates of public access, who have argued it isn’t fair that taxpayers must either wait or ante up to see the results of research they have already paid for."

Rick Weiss. NIH Revises Plan for Quick, Free Access to Study Results. Jan. 18, 2005.

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01/21/2005 at 08:37

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