Activists Work to Save ‘Eyes on the Prize’

"A group of file-sharing activists is practicing a little civil disobedience of its own in order to bring the documentary series Eyes on the Prize to a wider audience.

"As Wired News first reported, Eyes on the Prize, the 14-part series chronicling the civil rights movement, can no longer be broadcast on television and has never been released on DVD because of copyright restrictions.

"Old VHS tapes that remain in schools and libraries were the only way to view the landmark series, until now. Downhill Battle enlisted the help of a group called Common Sense Releasers to digitize the series and convert it to MPEG-4 format for distribution on the internet. The group hopes people will organize community screenings of the series around the country."

Katie Dean. Eyes on the Prize Hits P2P. Wired News. Jan. 27, 2005.™ The Online Journal for Social Software, Digital Collaboration & Information Policy. A Seso Group™ Venture.

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02/03/2005 at 08:28

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