Podcasting v. Online Radio, Round 2

"Om Malik thinks online radio’s time has come. And gone. He’s wrong.

"I’ve never met Om but his blog is one of my must-reads for all things broadband and I respect his opinions though I don’t necessarily always agree with them. 

"Actually, I think the issue is partially a semantic one. Streaming, podcasting, satellite, analog and digital broadcdasting are all distribution technologies for audio content. As a consumer, I don’t really care what technology is behind the curtain, as long as the value it brings me is worth what I pay for it (whether it’s via my time to listen to ads or my money to subscribe)."

Rags’ Soapbox. The Case for Online Radio. April 26, 2005.

See also:
Om Malik. Who Needs Online Radio? Business 2.0. April 26, 2005.

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05/04/2005 at 12:25

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