Podcasting Changes Broadcasting Model

"Just the other week, a San Francisco radio station — KYCY AM, owned by Infinity Broadcasting — announced that it was going to become ‘the world’s first-ever podcasting radio station.’ It would broadcast (and make available online) listener-created content.

"It’s an interesting idea, although one that will likely fail. You don’t hear of a lot of people tuning in to late-night public access TV for a reason. And radio stations cost a lot to upkeep compared to Web sites, so it’s unlikely KYCY will make enough money to keep the station going.

"But that’s fine. First efforts often fail, but smart people will learn from the arrows in the pioneers’ backs."

Andrew Kantor. Podcasting a Noteworthy Alternative to Plain Ol’ Radio. USA Today. May 6, 2005.

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05/07/2005 at 07:15

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