Grokster’s Impact on Podcasting

"Apple’s new podcasting service could be in a sticky situation if podcasters post copyrighted material, thanks to Monday’s Grokster decision by the Supreme Court, some experts say. But others suggested Apple’s new podcast hub could prove to be an ideal one-stop-shop for securing music licenses for homebrew radio shows.

"Podcasters may not include unauthorized copyright material in their broadcasts, and Apple will reportedly monitor podcasts for infringing material, according to the Guardian. Apple also provides a complaint form on the iTMS to notify the company of any copyright violations.

"But with the unanimous Supreme Court decision in the MGM Studios v. Grokster case, companies can now be sued if they encourage users of their technology to infringe copyrights."

Katie Dean. Grokster May Haunt Podcasting. Wired News. June 29, 2005.

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