Will the Past Haunt BitTorrent?

"BitTorrent programmer Bram Cohen may be in legal jeopardy after the discovery on Wednesday of an old agenda buried on his website saying he creates programs to ‘commit digital piracy.’

"The polemic would have been of little interest a week ago. But on Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that the intent behind a file-sharing program can be a decisive factor in determining whether the creator can be sued for its users’ copyright infringement.

"Undated and less than 200 words long, Cohen’s ‘Technological Activist’s Agenda‘ says he creates and gives away software in furtherance of laissez-faire political objectives."

Katie Dean and Kevin Poulsen. BitTorrent Whiz Extolled Piracy?. Wired News. June 30, 2005.

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07/02/2005 at 08:53

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