Authors Complain About Online Used Book Sales

“First it was Google; now its that literary authors are kvetching about. An article in Thursday’s (September 29) Wall Street Journal discusses complaints authors have about the fact that offers books for sale at different prices. Authors are quoted as saying they think they are being deprived of royalties and they want their share!

“It is really no fun to write about copyright owners acting like Luddite pigs, and being in private practice it has a definite commercial downside. But, things are as they are, and I have always opted for honesty over craven brown-nosing and over self-imposed censorship.”

The Patry Copyright Blog. Literary Authors and Sept. 30, 2005.

See also:

Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg. The Growing Market For Slightly Used Books. WSJ Online. Sept. 30, 2005.

Hal R. Varian. Reading Between the Lines of Used Book Sales. The New York Times. July 28, 2005.

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