EFF Schedules P2P Litigation Summit

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is co-sponsoring the First Annual P2P Litigation Summit, to be held on Thursday, November 3rd, 2005, at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, Illinois.

The daylong conference brings together public and private defense attorneys, clients, investigators, advocates, and academics to discuss the latest developments in peer-to-peer litigation.

  • How do the RIAA and MPAA go about identifying plaintiffs?
  • What are the most effective legal strategies and tactics?
  • Is it better to settle immediately, or fight it out in the courts?
  • How is this impacting the individuals sued? What is the role of ISPs in this quagmire?
  • Should Congress step in and, if so, what legislation is needed?
  • Are there other ways to compensate authors for their works?

First Annual P2P Litigation Summit

Chicago, Illinois

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Northwestern University School of Law

Lincoln Hall

357 East Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611

Contact: Katherine Mudd

Phone: (773) 588-5410


For more information, see EFF’s sign up form.

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