Clash of the (New) Titans: Exposure vs. Control

“Did you know you can search television? That you can type in ‘yada yada yada,’ and find the exact frames where George Costanza’s girlfriend Marcy said it first? Weird as it may seem, you can do it with one of Google’s little-known products, Google Video. It’s part of Google’s not-quite-secret master plan—to make as much of the ‘offline world’ searchable online as humanly possible.

“Google is the company that wants to be loved, and it is invariably shocked when people object to what they are doing. That, recently, has amounted to a lot of shock.”

Tim Wu. Leggo My Ego. Slate. Oct. 17, 2005.

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On the Media. Steal This Book. Sept. 30, 2005. (Transcript of Bob Garfield interview of Siva Vaidhyanathan.)

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