DRM Battles Gets Heated

“A couple of weeks ago, a motley crew of New York University students collected in front of the Virgin Megastore in Union Square for a digital rights rally. Protesters from the NYU chapter of the Free Culture Society brandished signs and snuck inside the store to stick leaflets into racks of CDs. Shades of the student movements of 1968—except that instead of protesting war or agitating for social justice, these college kids took to the streets because corporations are messing with their music.

“The crux of the debate is this: When you buy a song, an album, or a movie, are you buying the content only in the form it comes in?”

Adam L. Penenberg. Digital Rights Mismanagement. Slate. Nov. 14, 2005.

See also:

Jefferson Graham. Firestorm Rages Over Lockdown on Digital Music. USA Today. Nov. 13, 2005.

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