Next-Gen Film Discs Could Cost Much More

“Because Sony’s Blu-ray disc technology appears to be the front-runner in the nasty fight to determine how the DVDs of the future are produced, movie studios and disc manufacturers are beginning to come to terms with the financial realities of the new format–as well as some troubling uncertainties.

“For more than a year now, a bitter public relations war has been waged between supporters of Blu-ray and a rival Toshiba-backed technology known as HD DVD. Both are high-capacity discs that will support the distribution of high-definition versions of movies, with much better picture quality than what’s possible with today’s technology.”

John Borland. Cost Questions Dog Blu-ray DVD’s Lead. Nov. 28, 2005.


John Borland. New High-Definition DVDs to Use Old Video Technology? Nov. 29, 2005.

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11/28/2005 at 08:33

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