WSJ Assails Big Content’s Litigation Strategy

I always tell the Seso Digital editorial staff that we must vigilantly follow the news that appears on Friday afternoon through Sunday morning because that is where some of the most interesting stories will appear. Typically, the Saturday edition of the news outlets has the lowest readership of any of the seven days; as a result, news outlets, politicians, and corporations have come to rely on the Saturday news cycle as their burial ground. News items they want to keep from extensive public scrutiny are mentioned late Friday afternoon on the hope that the story will appear in the Saturday news cycle, but get eclipsed by another, more prominent story in the Sunday news cycle.

So, as I was catching up on weekend reading, I found that The Wall Street Journal published an editorial by Jason L. Riley that asks “How viable is a business model based on suing your customers?” There really is nothing new here. This is a question many have been asking for years; it is nice the Journal has chosen this occasion to finally ask the same question.

Jason L. Riley. “Copyfight.” The Wall Street Journal. Nov. 26-27, 2005. Page A10.

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11/29/2005 at 08:55

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