New PATRIOT Act Bulges With Filler

“A fraction–a mere 16 sections–of the Patriot Act’s awesome surveillance powers expire Dec. 31. They expanded secret methods the FBI can use to obtain business records; authorized more information sharing between Internet providers and police; and listed computer hacking as an offense permitting increased eavesdropping.

“The Bush administration and congressional Republicans spent last week arguing that speedy approval of the larded-up conference report was necessary to keep America safe. But what Gonzales didn’t say was that the conference report has become a political version of a Christmas tree: It’s ornamented with dozens of senators’ pet projects. The result is a structure so weighty with irrelevant amendments it’s nearly twice the size of the original Patriot Act.”

Declan McCullagh. Must We Renew the Patriot Act? Dec. 12, 2005.

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12/13/2005 at 08:40

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