NBA Launches Digital Video Project

I found this interesting tidbit playing catch up on the news.

If you’re a rabid basketball fan who’s wished you could get your hands on video of that one memorable shot by Michael Jordan from the Chicago Bulls play-off game you went to in 1989, the National Basketball Association may soon be able to help you out.

The league, working with Silicon Graphics, is setting out to create a digital archive of the entire filmed history of its games, from legendary contests between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers to seemingly meaningless late-season games between out-of-contention teams. The archive will be available at The league unveiled the project Thursday night at SGI’s offices [in Mountain View, CA].

Google, of course, is located in Mountain View, CA — and also is involved in a high profile digitization program. I wonder if the firms ever exchange or share information on these issues.

Daniel Terdiman. NBA to Create Huge Digital Archive. Dec. 9, 2005.

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