Big Music Cries Over iTunes Dominance

Once again, Apple’s iPod is expected to be the hottest gift of the holiday season. That should be great news for the recording industry, right? After all, many of the 10 million or so new iPod owners surely will rush to Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes Music Store to load up on songs.

“Not necessarily. As has been true since the start, iPod owners mostly fill up their players from their own CD collections or swipe tunes from file-sharing sites. Now legal downloads may be losing their luster. According to Nielsen SoundScan, average weekly download sales as of Nov. 27 fell 0.44% vs. the third quarter.

“Which brings us to a grand irony: Apple, which launched the digital music revolution, may now be holding it back.”

Peter Burrows, et al. Apple May Be Holding Back The Music Biz. BusinessWeek Online. Dec. 19, 2005.

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12/20/2005 at 09:00

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