UMUC Offers DRM Workshop

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is concerned with the documentation of rights, permissions, and policies associated with digital objects and services, and control and management of the use of digital content and services consistent with those rights, permissions, and policies. DRM is a large umbrella encompassing several systems and technologies that define, implement, and enforce policies. Standing beneath that umbrella are various parties disputing what DRM should cover, how large its reach should be, if it is necessary, and even the language and terms (“rights” versus “restrictions”) of the debate over the control and use of digital objects and services.

Goals for the Course:

  • Review the background and history of DRM;
  • Gain clarity on fact versus fiction in the realm of DRM;
  • Consider the perspectives on and understanding of DRM within various communities;
  • Explore the complex issues involved in managing copyrights in higher education;
  • Discuss ownership, access, and control of copyrighted material in higher education;
  • Learn about copyright policy development;
  • Discuss DRM’s impact on higher education; and
  • Review federal legislation impacting copyright compliance on college campuses.

DRM in Higher Education

Dates: January 23 – February 3, 2006

Moderators: Kimberly Kelley, M.L.S., Ph.D.; Clifford Lynch, Ph.D., Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information.

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