Next-Gen DVD Format Remains Unsettled

“For consumers, a device that could play both HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs would take a lot of risk out of adopting the new video players–but one may not arrive for a while. Legal agreements, intellectual property issues and technological pride will likely keep the two camps backing incompatible next-generation technologies from coming together in the near future, executives and analysts said.

“HD DVD and Blu-ray are competing video and storage formats for succeeding DVDs. While some movie studios said in mid-2005 that they were open to merging the two formats, by late summer, such talk had fizzled out. Meanwhile, the technological world is bitterly divided.”

Michael Kanellos. A DVD Combo? Don’t Hold Your Breath. Jan. 10, 2006.

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01/12/2006 at 08:40

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