The Effect of Web 2.0 on Legal Information

Dennis Kennedy, a lawyer and technology consultant, recently led a roundtable discussion on technology’s influence on legal practice. Portions of that article are published in this month’s edition of Law Practice Today, a magazine for the Law Practice & Technology division of the American Bar Association.

There has been a lot of discussion in the world of technology in the last few months about “Web 2.0.” Last month, in Law Practice Today, we wrote a roundtable article using an Internet tool called Writely, a free collaborative writing service that allowed all of the authors to work together on the article. We were so enthused with the process that we decided to use it again to write a roundtable article on Web 2.0 to discuss the tools now available and the potential implications for the legal profession.

We wrote the article by putting a draft with the questions up on Writely and inviting people to visit the site and add their comments to create the article in a couple of days.

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