Wikipedia Co-Founder Launches New Venture

“Sometime this month, Larry Sanger and several colleagues will launch what they’re calling the PBS of the Web.

“Known as Digital Universe, the project is an attempt to present a diverse collection of information on just about any topic imaginable. Some will be links to other Web resources, while some will be citizen journalism. But the highest-profile part of the project is likely to be its encyclopedia. And while its entries will be written by the general public, the project is distinguishing itself from Wikipedia by having many entries vetted and certified as accurate by subject-area experts.

“Thus, the Digital Universe will attempt to become the largest and–its founders hope–most reliable, source of freely-accessible, publicly-created information on the Web.”

Daniel Terdiman. Newsmaker: Wikipedia’s Co-Founder Eyes A Digital Universe. Jan. 6, 2006.

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