Big Entertainment Seeks to Curb Fair Use

Draft legislation making the rounds in the U.S. Senate gives us a preview of the MPAA and RIAA’s next target: your television and radio.

You say you want the power to time-shift and space-shift TV and radio? You say you want tomorrow’s innovators to invent new TV and radio gizmos you haven’t thought of yet, the same way the pioneers behind the VCR, TiVo, and the iPod did?

Well, that’s not what the entertainment industry has in mind. According to them, here’s all tomorrow’s innovators should be allowed to offer you:

customary historic use of broadcast content by consumers to the extent such use is consistent with applicable law.

Had that been the law in 1970, there would never have been a VCR. Had it been the law in 1990, no TiVo. In 2000, no iPod.

EFF Deep Links. New Senate Broadcast Flag Bill Would Freeze Fair Use. Jan. 20, 2006.

See also:

Electronic Frontier Foundation. Draft Legislation: Digital Content Protection Act of 2006. (.pdf, 63 KB) No date.

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