Elsevier Spends $12.5M on Washington Lobbying

“British companies have spent more than $165 million since 1998 with an American lobbying industry that is being described by U.S. Democrats as ‘part of a poison tree of corruption.’

“According to Alex Knott, the political editor of the Centre for Public Integrity, British lobbying in Washington was higher than for any other country, and was more than the total spent by 35 American states.

“The highest spenders were GlaxoSmithKline ($32.4 million), BP ($26.8 million), HSBC ($23.8 million), Reed Elsevier ($12.5 millon) and Reuters ($12.2 million).”

Tom Baldwin and Anna Stroman. British Firms Top Foreign Spending On U.S. Lobbyists. The Times of London. Jan. 20, 2006.


Issues in Scholarly Communication. What Does Elsevier Lobby For? Jan. 28, 2006.

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