In the Rootkit’s Wake, DRM Schemes Proliferate

“This year may be the year that gadget makers finally conquer the living room, replacing DVD players, VCRs and personal video recorders with all-in-one media devices that serve up HDTV, pre-recorded movies and digital music. If so, it will likely also be the year that people learn the meaning of DRM, an acronym the industry says stands for digital rights management, but critics say should stand for digital restrictions mongering.

“The technologies come in many flavors. High-end audio companies are already running into difficulties with DRM. The conundrum will only get more complicated when video is added to the home networking mix.”

Ryan Singer. The Year of Living DRMishly. WIred News. Jan. 24, 2006.

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01/26/2006 at 08:50

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