Proposed Outline of “Responsible DRM”

“It’s strange, but it turns out that Sony, with its damn-fool rootkit attempt at digital rights management, might actually turn out to have done the world a huge favour. Until that story broke in November, DRM was such an arcane subject that only weirdos like us wanted to talk about it much. After all, anyone who was against DRM was a thief and a pirate by nature, surely.

“Then Sony did its evil deed, and the next thing you know, DRM is in the headlines and all of a sudden everyone cares. It’s wonderful.

“So what with one thing and another, I’ve been trying to come up with a list of what ought to be the principles of ‘Responsible DRM.’ Herewith.”

Wendy M. Grossman. Digital Rights Manifesto Revealed. The Inquirer. Jan. 20, 2006.

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01/31/2006 at 08:49

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