DRM & Skiing

“DRM – the imposition of restrictions on usage of content by technical means – is far more than [like checking your lift ticket when you get on the ski lift]. It’s like checking the lift ticket, yes, but also the guy checks you are only wearing gear hired from the resort shop, skis with you down the slope and trips you if you try any maneuvers that weren’t taught to you by the resort ski instructor; then as you go down the slope he pushes you away from the moguls because those are a premium feature and finally you get to run the gauntlet of armed security guards at the bottom of the slope checking for people who haven’t paid.

“The problem with technology-enforced restrictions isn’t that they allow legitimate enforcement of rights; it’s the collateral damage they cause in the process.”

SunMink. DRM and the Death of a Culture. Jan. 28, 2006.

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02/02/2006 at 08:50

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