Ed Foster Starts License Agreement Library

“The great paradox about shrinkwrap/clickwrap/sneakwrap license agreements is that the vendors insist we have to read all their terms while at that same time making it as hard as possible to do so. Why can’t we have a place where we can read their terms before we buy, or see what others have to say about them? Well, I think we can, which is why I’m starting a EULA library on the GripeWiki.

“Many software publishers still hide their terms until after you purchase the product, and then spring the license on you during installation when you’re eager to start using the program. That means each customer must individually do a EULA analysis with whatever tools they have at their disposal at that moment, and even some of the worst spyware terms might slip through the cracks as a result.

“To make EULA analysis more of a collaborative effort, and to sharpen the tools that can help us spot the nastiest terms, the first step is to put the licenses someplace where we can all see them and comment on them. That’s the kind of thing wikis are built to do.”

The Gripe Line Weblog. Starting a EULA Library. Jan. 30, 2006.

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