ALA Releases 2006 Copyright Agenda

The American Library Association, by far this country’s largest library representative organization, has released its 2006 Copyright Agenda. The Agenda notes several initiatives with which ALA is involved, including the Section 108 Study Group, the Family and Entertainment Copyright Act of 2005, and the broadcast flag initiatives.

Interestingly, there is no mention of a database protection initiative on the chart. Granted, database protection has been a hard sell in the United States. But with the 15th anniversary of the Feist decision approaching late next month, I am surprised ALA omits this as something that is on its radar.

Currently, I am writing an article on the Feist decision and the current state of database protection initiatives. The article will include some theories why such legislation has yet to become law, and hypothesize about how such legislation could get the support of one of this country’s best known technology companies.

American Library Association. 2006 Copyright Agenda. (.pdf, 43 KB) January 2006.

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