AT&T Readies Hit List Over MP4 Patent

“AT&T has begun to name names in its hunt to license its MPEG video compression patents.

“AT&T possesses several patents related to video compression, which the company says are an essential component of the MPEG-4 video technology. In a bid to drive its global licensing program, AT&T has targeted Apple Computer, Inc., CyberLink Corp., DivX, Inc., InterVideo, Inc., and Sonic Solutions as unlicensed companies whose products and software utilize the MPEG-4 technology.

“AT&T has also contacted national retailers that distribute products from the companies listed above, to let them know that they may be held liable for infringement.”

Bary Alyssa Johnson and Mark Hachman. AT&T Warns Apple, Others, Of Patent Infringement. Feb. 9, 2006.

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02/14/2006 at 08:46

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