Resurrecting Vinyl in the Age of iTunes

“The digital music age hasn’t been easy on the old formats. The compact disc has been pronounced terminally ill, the woebegone cassette tape has gone the way of the wax cylinder, and long-playing vinyl survives only in the dank basements of pack rats and the climate-controlled collections of diehard audiophiles.

“The demise of these media spells more than just reduced clutter: Digital downloading has shifted focus from albums to individual tracks.

“Yet even as the idea of the album has come under seige, a movement to preserve it has recently been gaining momentum, and in an unlikely field — book publishing. In the past few years, there have quietly appeared dozens of books treating classic pop, rock, and jazz recordings as objects worthy of continued appreciation.”

James Sullivan. Reading Between the Lines. February 12, 2006.

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02/14/2006 at 08:45

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