DRM in Next-Gen DVDs Incompatible With Today’s Machines

“When the first high-definition DVDs finally hit shelves this spring, a mad scramble may ensue–not for the discs themselves, but to figure out what computers and devices are actually able to play them in their full glory.

“Unraveling the mystery won’t be easy. Many, if not most, of today’s top-of-the-line computers and monitors won’t make the cut, even if next-generation Blu-ray or HD DVD drives are installed.

“That’s because strict content protection technologies may automatically degrade the DVDs’ picture quality, or even block them from playing at all, if the right connections and digital protections aren’t in place. Even the most expensive computers sold today mostly lack those features.”

John Borland. New DVDs Already Sparking Copy-Protection Confusion. Feb. 16, 2006.

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02/21/2006 at 08:40

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