The Content Business Model of the Future

“A shift in our system of values is now taking shape. When a new generation that now downloads illegal music from the Internet and uses open source software will age, it will more likely change the law than its way of thinking, namely its attitude towards digital content in particular and intellectual property in general.

“It means that content in itself is not recognized as a good. And of interest to the market, from a commercial point of view it can only be as a contextual part of a more complicated service. Such thinking, and its corresponding business model, is clearly visible in such companies as Google: on one hand their services are impossible to copy, on the other for end users they are free.”

Sergey Dmitriev. Have We Seen the Back of the Hard Copy Reader? St. Petersburg Times. Feb. 14, 2006.

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02/22/2006 at 08:50

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