Australia Acknowledges Concerns Over DRM

“In the digital age, ever-increasing amounts of material are available in an expanding number of formats. The DVD player, home PC, MP3 music player, mobile phone, game platform and pay-TV system are features of many Australian homes. The need of copyright owners to protect their work in the digital context has seen the development of a range of technological protection measures (TPMs).

“These are recognised and protected by Australian domestic copyright law and, with the signing of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA), Australia has given further undertakings to protect these TPMs from circumvention. While the AUSFTA sets out for seven specific areas where circumvention of TPMs will be permitted, this Committee has been given the task of assessing whether any further exemptions should be considered by the Australian Government.”

The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, House of Representatives (Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs). Review of Technological Protection Measures Exceptions. (.pdf, 1.8 MB) February 2006.

See also: TPM Inquiry Report is Out. March 2, 2006.

EFF Deep Links. An Australian Perspective on DMCA Rulemaking. March 2, 2006.

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