Congress & President Renew USA PATRIOT Act

“The House passed revisions to the broad antiterrorism law known as the USA Patriot Act on Tuesday, clearing the way for President Bush to sign legislation making permanent most of the major provisions of the original 2001 law.

“The bill passed, 280 to 138, with just two more votes than needed under special rules requiring a two-thirds majority. The vote was the last step in a tortuous journey through Congress. The House action approved amendments to a bill revising the original act; the revised bill passed the House last year and was adopted last week by the Senate after having been bottled up there for months.

“The vote on Tuesday was an important victory for Mr. Bush, who has maintained that the act is an essential component in fighting terrorism. The major provisions of the original bill had been set to expire on March 16. Mr. Bush is expected to sign the revised version before then.”

Sheryl Gay Stolberg. Patriot Act Revisions Pass House, Sending Measure to President. The New York Times. March 8, 2006.

See also:

U.S. Senate. S.2271: A bill to clarify that individuals who receive FISA orders can challenge nondisclosure requirements, etc. (Sponsor: Sununu). Feb. 10, 2006.

U.S. House of Representatives. H.R. 3199: To extend and modify authorities needed to combat terrorism, and for other purposes. (Sponsor: Sensenbrenner) July 9, 2005.

BBC News. Final Approval for U.S. PATRIOT Act. March 8, 2006.


Nedra Pickler. Bush Signs Renewal of Patriot Act. March 10, 2006.

CQ Transcriptions. Bush Speaks After Signing Patriot Act. March 9, 2006.

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