Airline Uses DMCA Against YouTube

“American Airlines is demanding that Google and video-sharing site YouTube reveal the name of the person who posted a portion of one of the airline’s training videos on their Web sites.

“Someone uploaded part of a video used to train flight attendants on YouTube and Google Video. The airline subpoenaed those companies on Feb. 21 under the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), according to an airline spokesman. Under the provisions of the DMCA, companies have the right to request information in the event that their copyright materials are infringed upon.

“The video in question, titled “Flight Attendant, Upside Down,” is under copyright, the spokesman said.”

Greg Sandoval. American Airlines Subpoenas Google, YouTube. March 9, 2006.

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EFF Deep Links. DMCA Subpoena Provision Still Endangers Privacy. March 9, 2006.

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