Happy Birthday, Federal Register

“The Federal Register celebrates its 70th year as the country’s chronicle of regulatory minutia. True to the publication’s reputation as an encyclopedia for policy nerds, the party being thrown by the National Archives and Records Administration and the Government Printing Office starts at 9 a.m. — scheduled, no doubt, to let federal bureaucrats scurry back to their desks to write more rules.

“The celebration marks the evolution of a publication that began as a two-column, 16-page gazette of the burgeoning federal bureaucracy created by the New Deal. It has progressed from a diary of completed rulemakings — usually about five items a day at first — to an Internet-based reference that allowed some 208 million documents to be downloaded in 2004.”

Cindy Skrzycki. The Federal Register Turns 70. March 7, 2006.

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