Now Is the Golden Age of Animation

“Old-timers in Hollywood sometimes talk about a golden age of animation, seven or eight decades ago, when cartoons were funny, beautiful, and perfect. But the truth is, toons have always been a bit of a backwater — the province of Disney kiddie flicks, Looney Tunes, maybe a rudimentary special effect.

“Until recently. These days, animation is everywhere. Even the most realistic movies call on animators to simulate an ungettable shot or to make a moment just a smidge more perfect.

“Fifty years ago, there were about 1,000 animators in Hollywood — half of them at Disney. Today, there are countless digital animators, effects specialists, and videogame makers in every major city. From the wackiest cartoon to the grittiest docudrama, the true golden age of animation has just begun.”

Matt Brady. How Digital Animation Conquered Hollywood. Wired. March 2006.

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03/15/2006 at 08:39

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