Google’s Records Requested In Another Case

In a lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission, a federal judge has ordered that Google divulge the entire contents of a Gmail account, including deleted e-mail messages. The subpoena, which is unrelated to the Department of Justice’s own subpoena to Google for search terms and excerpts from its search database, is the second time in a month that the search giant has had a court demand records from its vast database.

As BusinessWeek Online‘s David Holzman noted in an article we linked to last week, one of Google’s biggest future legal and business challenges will be the ability to keep its database content private and out of the hands of competitors and third parties, including government and law enforcement agencies. Part of the competitive advantage Google enjoys is buoyed by public trust. This trust will erode quickly if Google cannot find a way to keep its data private.

Declan McCullagh. Police Blotter: Judge Orders Gmail Disclosure. March 17, 2006.

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