“Monday Night Football” At The Movie Theater?

Movie theaters, which have been struggling economically due to lackluster films, home theater systems, and overbuilding; are investigating a new ploy to get people into seats: broadcasting sports events.

A report (via Reuters) notes that as more theater chains convert their projection equipment from film to digital and 3D systems, operators are looking to bolster midweek ticket sales by moving TV events to the big screen. The hope is that the combination of event-based sports programming, larger seats, better sound, bigger screens, and three-dimensional effects (along with roving hot dog vendors) will convince consumers that the theater is the next best thing to being there. (I can only imagine that this would be particularly appealing to NASCAR fans.)

I wonder if the theaters would have to obtain special licenses to broadcast these events. I recall that HBO occasionally cracks down on business establishments that hold special events that are tied to Sunday night broadcasts of The Sopranos. (Perhaps this is because HBO, as part of fee-based cable television, is not owned by the public, as are the network airwaves.) I am not well enough versed in broadcasting and applied copyright to offer a legitimate response to this question. If anyone has an answer to this issue, please e-mail us, and we’ll post the analysis.

Reuters. Movie Theaters Aim For Live 3D Sports. March 24, 2006.

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