Westlaw Parent To Debut DRM Solution At NAB

Correction appended (see below)

The Thomson Corporation, the French conglomerate that owns the Westlaw computer-assisted legal research system, will debut NexGuard at next month’s National Association of Broadcasters trade show. Billed as “content security” (instead of the rather-tainted term “digital rights management”), NexGuard is marketed to the entertainment industry, which often suffers piracy by employees who leak out movies or music prior to their official release date.

DRM Watch is touting NexGuard as “the most comprehensive B2B security technology that we know of for video content.”

Bill Rosenblatt. Thomson Announces B2B Content Security for Video. DRM Watch. March 23, 2006.

Correction: NexGuard is manufactured by Thomson, a French company that “provides technology, systems, and services to help its Media & Entertainment clients.” It is different from The Thomson Corporation, a Canadian company that is the parent company of Westlaw.

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