The Film Format Wars Have Begun

“The first HD DVD players and discs have gone on sale in the U.S. The release marks the start of the format wars between the Toshiba-led HD DVD and the Sony-led Blu-ray systems. The first Blu-ray discs are expected in late May, while the first players will be available in June.

“Next-generation formats are able to store much more high-quality data, especially important for high-definition video. Both technologies use a blue laser to write information. It has a shorter wavelength so more data can be stored. A Blu-ray disc will eventually be able to store 50GB of high-quality data, while Toshiba’s HD DVD will hold 30GB. A standard DVD holds just under 5GB.

“Toshiba, with NEC, Sanyo and others, is pushing HD DVD; while backers of Sony’s Blu-ray discs include Samsung, Dell and Apple. But the format war, which has been likened to the Betamax-VHS fight in the 1980s, may ultimately be won in the games console market.”

BBC News. Next-Generation DVD Battle Begins. April 19, 2006.

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