YahooI Software Allows PC To Record Video

“Yahoo has released a beta version of software that turns a PC into a digital video recorder.

“Yahoo Go for TV is free to download. After the software is installed, people plug their computer into their television’s video and audio input connections. The computer can then record and play back shows on the TV just like with a standalone DVR. Consumers can also play DVDs, music, photos or other downloaded content.

“The cost of a few cables and TV tuner card, in comparison with the hundreds of dollars being shelled out for DVD players or DVRs, could lure consumers away from DVR competitors like TiVo. And many industry leaders see TV-computer combinations as the portal for reaching consumers.”

Candace Lombardi. Yahoo’s Free Software Turns PC Into DVR. April 26, 2006.

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04/27/2006 at 08:46

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