Hip Hop Gets A Lift At Strip Clubs

“It’s no longer just the hardworking women who make money at strip clubs. These late-night hangouts, with their booming sound systems and gender-mixed crowds, have become big business for the record industry, particularly for hip-hop labels.

“The music industry increasingly has embraced the strip club out of necessity and convenience. Tighter radio playlists mean it’s harder than ever to break a track on the FM dial, and regular dance clubs — where songs get played for a moment and then lost in a mix — tend to play what’s already on the radio. At strip joints, DJs are able to play full tracks and can take a chance on underground and unproven material.

“Today, strip clubs are one of the fastest-rising segments among entertainment venues. There are more than 7,500 strip clubs across the United States, according to the Strip Club News Web site. Key venues are located in such prime markets as New York (Sue’s Rendezvous), Detroit (Platinum), Charlotte, N.C. (Champagne), Miami (Diamonds) and Atlanta (Body Tap, Magic City, Strokers).”

Gail Mitchell. At Strip Clubs, Hip-Hop Is Big Business. Yahoo! News. May 7, 2006.

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