In Compatibility Concession, Sony Bows to Apple

“Sony is moving to make its music management software compatible with Apple Computer’s audio file format in the latest evidence of Apple’s dominance in digital music.

“The behemoth Japanese conglomerate, which once controlled the portable music market, announced last week that the company’s data compression technology would be compatible with a number of rival formats, including Apple’s format of choice, AAC.

“In the past, Sony has fiercely held to its own Atrac system. By switching to a technology that supports AAC, Sony appears to be acknowledging Apple’s dominance in the digital music playing market, say analysts. Sony’s new management system will allow iPod users to swap some of their music to a Sony Walkman, but only songs they ripped from CDs.”

Greg Sandoval. Sony Opts for Open Audio Format. May 10, 2006.

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05/16/2006 at 08:47

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