Transcript of Geist’s Hart House Lecture

“My goal is to state the case for a new vision of culture and copyright in Canada. I will discuss the transformative power of the Internet and new technologies while illustrating that this is a good news story for industries new and old. With the cultural opportunities in hand, I will discuss copyright, demonstrating how copyright policy developed in Canada over the past two decades while few of us were paying attention.

“I will also assess how it might continue to unfold if more Canadians do not become engaged in the policy process. I will conclude by illustrating how things could be different. Canada has a choice and our leaders have been vested with an unprecedented opportunity to articulate a cultural and copyright vision that brings access to knowledge for all Canadians from coast to coast to coast. One that unleashes the creative spirit in millions of Canadians. One that transforms our education system. One that respects our privacy and protects our security. One that preserves our heritage.

“Yes, copyright can do all that. Let us look at how.”

Michael Geist. Our Own Creative Land: Cultural Monopoly & The Trouble With Copyright (The Hart House Lecture 2006). (.pdf) University of Toronto. 2006.

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