Microsoft Seeking to Challenge Apple’s iTunes Dominance

“It has been three years since iTunes burst on the scene and pushed the popularity of music downloads and the white iPod headset cords coming out of the ears of what seems like half the population.

“Now the MTV networks and Microsoft are sending out their own entry to challenge Apple in the music-downloading stakes. Their site,, which went live on Wednesday, bills itself as offering everything from alt-rock to zydeco: two million tracks, available individually or to subscribers, all playable on Microsoft digital players in the Windows Media format.”

“That means you can’t play them on your iPod. You also can’t use it if you have a Mac, and PC users will find that they need up-to-date Windows software to run Urge.”

Anne Midgette. and Online Classical (Whatever That Is). The New York Times. May 19, 2006.


Greg Sandoval. Microsoft Making Better Music? May 22, 2006.

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05/22/2006 at 08:47

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