Can Newspapers Collaborate to Survive?

“In 1846, as the new technology of the telegraph system was catching on, newspapers pooled their resources to create a more efficient news distribution system. Jim Kennedy, vice president of strategic planning at the Associated Press, which was born out of those efforts, says newspapers are facing a similar challenge today.

“Translation: It’s time for newspapermen to stop fighting among themselves and cooperate if they want to survive in the era of splintering audiences, and search-engine news gateways, such as the popular news services created by Yahoo Inc. and Google Inc.

“Yahoo News has held the No. 1 news property spot on the Web for the last eight months. Google News was the No. 11 news site last month, with 9.7 million unique visitors, up 19% from last year. Associated Press grew a paltry 1% to 6.1 million unique visitors.

Bambi Francisco. How Newspapers Can Face Online Rivals. MarketWatch. May 23, 2006.

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