TiVo Seeks Injunction After USPTO Ruling

“Both TiVo and EchoStar are claiming victory after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a ruling concerning a series of patents owned by TiVo.

“As part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by TiVo against EchoStar, the Patent Office did a formal review of 61 TiVo patents. TiVo on Wednesday said the Patent Office reaffirmed most of the patents, although it did reject at least two patent claims. The digital video recorder (DVR) company did not say which patents were rejected.

“TiVo filed suit against EchoStar in 2004, alleging that its use of that technology infringed on a TiVo patent. In April, a jury awarded TiVo $73.9 million in damages. EchoStar has appealed the jury verdict. However, TiVo is attempting to use the ruling to get an injunction preventing EchoStar from shipping DVRs.”

Candace Lombardi. TiVo, EchoStar Both Claim Victory in Patent Ruling. May 24, 2006.

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