Copyright Complicates Online Music Storage

“The digital music battle of the future may not be over where music is purchased, but where and how it is stored.

“A number of companies have created online content ‘lockers’ where users can upload their digital media files for storage that they can subsequently access from multiple devices. Examples include Oboe and MediaMax.

“While initially enticing as a media backup option, both services offer added accessibility intended to boost the value of music to users. But like anything else in the digital music industry, the concept isn’t quite as simple as those trying to sell it might like. Music wrapped in certain types of digital rights management (DRM) technology — such as Apple’s Fairplay — can’t be streamed from these lockers. Neither can tethered downloads acquired from subscription music services like Napster or Rhapsody,”

Antony Bruno. Digital Music Finds Some Locker Room. Yahoo! News. May 29, 2006.

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06/07/2006 at 08:48

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