A New Way To Achieve Bling Bliss

“Is that rock you’ve been flaunting really a diamond?

“Ever since the DeBeers Group managed to convince a significant part of the English-speaking world that “A Diamond is Forever” — and that a diamond solitaire ring all but guarantees a successful proposal of marriage — would-be grooms have been searching for ways to get more bling for their buck. With the arrival of gem-quality synthetic diamonds, they may have found it.

“Tiny diamond crystals have been produced for industrial purposes for decades, but the past few years have seen companies like Gemesis and Apollo Diamond develop multiple methods for growing large, near-flawless diamonds. These “cultured” diamonds are physically and chemically ‘real’ diamonds, not cubic zirconia or some other substance, and are for most jewelers indistinguishable from mined diamonds. Except, of course, for the price.”

Counterfeit Chic. A Fiancée’s Best Friend? June 1, 2006.

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06/08/2006 at 08:57

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